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LED Uplighting

Imagine walking into your banquet room and seeing the room glow in a romantic color scheme that you've chosen!

Uplighting is the newest technology that has transformed weddings into an elegant ambiance. These lights are unique in that they do not produce heat. I child can touch the lights and not get burned.

Imagine lighting that shines up walls, columns or shined onto a specific area which will bring a beautiful and eye catching feel to your event. Choose from the many different colors available to beautifully match your style, theme or the desired feel you're looking to achieve.

Make your room/hall look like something out of Hollywood!

For a high-end light show, 2 Accu spot 250’s rotating heads will be place on top of a 7FT tall truss. . These lights rotate 360 degrees and will be controlled using DMX lighting software. The lights can be pinpointed where required during an event (Quantity 2)

List of features for the Accu Spot 250 (quantity 2). For a short video presentation click here .

• Automated moving head with 8 DMX channels and rotating gobos
• 9 colors + white
• 7 gobos + spot -Replaceable gobos
• DMX-512 protocol
• Independent gobo and color wheels
• 360 degrees pan / 265 degrees tilt
• Strobes in every color
• Stepper motors with microstepping
• Lamp: MSD-250, 250W discharge





As an added extra bonus to LED-uplighting, a LED wall montage can be created which will change patterns throughout the night. This creates a very colorful backdrop for the DJ as apposed to a blank wall.


Two Laser American DJ Tri Beams will be added to produce an intense laser show that will dazzle the audience. These lights will be positioned above the audience, which will allow the beam to reach the back wall. A JEM 24/7 hazer machine will be used to give depth to the laser lights. If venue does not allow a smoke machine the laser lights will be of no use and is not recommended.



The JEM ZR24/7 Hazer provides a perfect canvas of light-enhancing haze. Combined with 4 Accu Spot 250's and 2 Laser Tri Beams, the overall effect transforms any event into a club like atmosphere typically not found in a mobile DJ. This high-precision DMX haze generator, uses state-of-the-art digital technology and a high-velocity radial blower.

• 900W heat exchanger
• Less than 2 min heat up time
• 7062 ft³/min (200m³/min) smoke output
• DMX and Analogue link

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